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Unique fantasy story of epic proportions

5 March 02, 2019

Borrowed from the library of Enschede, the Netherlands and read it over the weekend. The story kept unfolding and unfolding, suckling me deeper and deeper into its amazing fantasy world, which by the way, is original, vast and mesmerizing. I thought to myself: how is this author not more known, but then I started googling Blackwick and realized she IS known, but not in a loud and screaming way, but... Show more...

A work of genius

5 February 23, 2019

my favourite character is Kaap, who seems to be a symbol of everything Vivian Amberville's universe stands for. His story is incredibly sad, him being the last of his species, and yet Kaap continues to hope and "imagine better", even if the whole Alarian world had branded him as "lesser creature" and "lesserkin" and just a stupid dumb animal to be exploited as a tool and hunted into extinction.Show more...

A new fantasy series worthy of its fame

4 January 31, 2019

A friend recommended me the new fantasy book by Louise Blackwick and I decided to give it a try. After reading it in under 3 days, I fell in love with its characters and Vivian's amazing and trippy journey. It was AMAZING!

Moreover, I was happy to hear Vivian Amberville is a SERIES and that the sequel will come in 2019.

Read it and spread the word. Vivian Amberville is... Show more...

Why so few reviews?

5 January 28, 2019

I don't understand. This book is everywhere. My friends all know about it (I live in the Netherlands) and it's being circulated all around. Why so few reviews? Why are so many people reading it, enjoying it and not bothering to say something about it?

Anyway, moving on. The Weaver of Odds is the phenomenal debut of dutch author Louise Blackwick. Many of us think the Vivian Amberville... Show more...

Love it love it love it!

5 January 24, 2019

Where would I be without this fantasy series! I was on the edge of depression, nihilism and suffered from an anxiety disorder (just like the main character, Vivian!) This book saved my life in so many ways. Not only is it breath-taking and magical, but it speaks of read pain and hardship.
10/10 recommend!

beautiful, incredible story!

5 January 22, 2019

Vivian's story is one of beauty and also of hardship. It unravels gently at first, and then faster and faster like a ball of yarn. I was absolutely amazed by Mrs. Blackwick's incredible worlds, characters, lore. The journeys those characters took paints a vivid tapestry of human suffering and the beauty of imagination. Despite it being a fantasy book, it feels real, more real than anything I've read... Show more...

Don't skip this title!

4 January 17, 2019

Vivian Amberville and its universe promises a magical saga full of wonder,
Darkness and people who can manipulate events, history and the fabric of reality. It was entertaining, original and breathtaking! Don't skip this title!

an imaginative debut

4 January 10, 2019

Louise Blackwick's introduction to the wonderful world beyond the fabric of reality is a great and imaginative début. The execution was original and I can't wait for the next book in the instalment.

If you love good griping stories, 100% would recommend!

Breath-taking and awe-inspiring!

5 January 02, 2019

It is difficult to resume Vivian Amberville in just a few words, and even more difficult to review it without using words such as vastly epic, breath-taking and awe-inspiring.

It is one of those books that live into your memory for decades and give birth to a world of potential. Invaluable. Hardcore fans weren't kidding when they said it's a transcendental experience.

Original, epic, deep and very very fast paced!

5 December 25, 2018

Received as a gift from a friend on Xmas Eve! I'm currently about 70% into reading "Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds" and I simply can't put it down. The fantasy universe where people can manipulate reality with only their imagination suck me right in! Original, epic, deep and very very fast paced!

Amazing in every way

5 December 24, 2018

I devoured this book in under 2 days and was really impressed by the level of storytelling. My favourite part was Vivian in the home of the Artisan. You can really see how much effort was put in characterization and world-building by just reading that chapter. Now multiply that chapter by 1000 and you get what The Weaver of Odds is.

It's amazing in every way and it blew my mind away.... Show more...

Amazing read you should not skip

5 December 13, 2018

What a genuinely amazing read! I was so surprised to find an awesome book of this quality on free on amazon, but then I realized that I was just really lucky because it's usually around 9 dollars and it's almost never on sale.

Even so, I have to say this book is a masterpiece and worth its pricetag. It's easily comparable in quality of storytelling to Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter... Show more...

Transcedental series with jungian subtext

5 December 08, 2018

When I first encountered the Vivian Amberville book series, I thought what everyone else thought: that it was a cool, funny and epic read, full of adventure and suspense the likes of Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.

It was only at my second reading of "The Weaver of Odds", (as well as the free advent calendar stories set in the same universe) that I realized that Vivian Amberville... Show more...

Awesome book!

5 December 03, 2018

This turned out to be a really awesome read, full of adventure and mystery. I loved every minute of it and can't wait for the next instalment, where we get to see how people learn to alter the substance of reality. Hurry up with the Book of Chaos!

Original and magical

4 December 03, 2018

Picked up at the library in Enschede in NL and despite the british english lingo I couldn't put it down. It's a smart book with some humor some thriller scenes and a lot of magical adventures. Stayed in my memory for a really ong time. Would love to read he sequel

Love it, especially the characters!

5 November 19, 2018

Love the book, the story, the settings, and above all, the characters...
One of my favourite characters was the pet sidekick Vivian has adopted. It's one of the most original characters I've seen on a page!

A unique concept in the fantasy genre

5 November 15, 2018

In a world of stale and recycled ideas, Vivian Amberville is a breath of fresh air. A book series following people who weave into the fabric of reality, and a girl who can imagine things true is a unique concept in the fantasy genre. I'd love to see more of this author!

Why so few reviews?

4 November 03, 2018

Yes, finally someone wrote something trippy, smart and exciting and it's absolutely fabulous! I love this book to the very core and there's absolutely NOTHING I'd change about it. It's that perfect!

What I don't understand, however, is how can all my friends and co-workers know about it and still so few reviews online? So many thousands of people know about it and I still can't believe... Show more...

Love this book!

5 October 26, 2018

I really love this book! Long after I finished, my mind kept wondering what could happen next. I really wish there was a sequel out, so I can continue the story!

Expect the unexpected!

5 October 24, 2018

This book surprised me and continued to surprise me begining to end. Some might say the chapters right before Vivian's fall are a little bit too expositional, but seeing as this is the first book in the series, it didn't bother me much.

When Vivian reaches the other side of reality, the call to adventure is incredible and I found myself experiencing the same sort of wonder I had when... Show more...

What a great book, wow!

4 October 23, 2018

I was really impressed by this story! It's like one giant fantasy opera!

I wish there was more romance in it, though. But it definitely compensated in plot, pacing and world-building. Great book!

Great Book!

4 October 20, 2018

Great book! Expected a generic fantasy book but found a rare gem instead, full of depth and intrigue. Would really love to read more from this author!

Such an extraordinary story!

4 October 19, 2018

Vivian Amberville is such an extraordinary story. Beautiful, magical, exciting, happu and also a bit sad. I loved every minute of it. I am so impressed I recommended it to all my friends. Well-done Louise Blackwick!

Incredible Story took me by surprise!

5 October 15, 2018

I sure did not expect this book to be such a beautiful, and incredibly-written story. It's got humour, mystery and a fantastically inspired plot.

The weaver of odds is officially my new favourite story. 100% would recommend!

Awesome, original concept. Don't let this book slide

4 October 08, 2018


Not only is this book series awesome but it's based on a truly original concept (that one can "weave'straight into the fabric of reality).

Not only is the world-building of Vivian Amberville amazing, but it also carries a deeper philosophical message, which I won't spoil here.

In an age of stale story-telling,... Show more...

This sums up what a new reader should expect of this book series

5 September 11, 2018

When people ask me to describe the Vivian Amberville book series, I tell them this: it is the Monty Python-esque British humour of Terry Pratchett, the symbolism of Nietzsche and Jung, the world-building dimensionality of Tolkien, the gray characters of George R.R. Martin, the 90's nostalgia of Harry Potter, the trippy craziness of C.S Lewis, the nightmarish spawns of H.P. Lovecraft wrapped in epic,... Show more...

Picked up at the library. Excellent read!

5 August 31, 2018

Picked Vivian Amberville, the weaver of odds at the library in my town. It had the trippiest cover and I admit its blurb intrigued me, but nothing prepared me for the awesomeness I experienced while reading it. I actually had to return 4 times to the library to finish reading the book cos I'm a broke ass teen, don't ave no library card to borrow it either, but I really recommend anyone else who's a... Show more...

Won't find many stories like this anymore

4 August 17, 2018

I'm in love with this book and the multiple realities Blackwick created in the Vivian Amberville series. First thing I read from her were some micro stories from an Advent Calendar, and it made me curious about the book too.

It was better than I expected. Sure, there were some hiccups here and there in which the world-building went a bit too far, but it always turned out to be worth... Show more...

Book was bloody excellent but ain't no masterpiece

3 August 17, 2018

Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds is probably the most hyped fantasy book atm, maybe because of its upcoming sequel, The Book of Chaos.

Managed to read it in some 3 days, and yes, it was excellent in every way, but I hate it when some friend of mine overrates this as some kind of "masterpiece". Alright, so it is a book for smart people, being a philosophical fantasy and all. The... Show more...

I love The Weaver of odds!

4 August 16, 2018

Great book! The delivery was impeccable, the story mind-blowing and the plot sucked me right in! I can't wait for more stories from the talented Louise Blackwick!

Sold for the whole series. I'd buy Blackwick's grocery list if she published it

5 August 05, 2018

I can't believe there are so little reviews on this ultra-popular series. I live in Colorado and pretty much all my uni colleagues have read and deeply enjoyed The Weaver of Odds!

When I first discovered the first book in the series, I couldn't believe how engaging it was. Deeply layered, original, full of flavour and texture. I fell in love with the book right away, and needless to... Show more...

Would warant 10 stars. My favourite fantasy universe so far.

5 July 09, 2018

This book was one of the most remarkable stories I've read in a long time. The story is fast-paced and easy to follow, but the Vivian Amberville universe is vast, complex and multi-layered, just like the characters. The story takes place in a dark and dystopian UK (now called Great England) - a futuristic world ruled by poverty, social dissolution and an incurable sickness brought by the rising ocean... Show more...

an original, immersive fantasy world which may well rival even the great J.K. Rowling

5 June 07, 2018

Well, first I thought, this little-known author created an original, immersive fantasy world that became an international bestseller which may well rival even the great J.K. Rowling and this, by itself, IS ABSOLUTE NUTS!

But I have to admit that when I first read the book, I also thought: heck, this story is awesome. In fact, it's so good, I wouldn't be surprised if people made a big... Show more...

I'm sold for the entire series

5 June 01, 2018

I haven't read many books that made me feel this, but for some odd reason, I discover something new every time I read The Weaver of Odds. I'm not even a particularly large fan of fantasy but this book has something special... a soul.

Louise Blackwick can cook a plot like no other. I know how she writes and you can never see it coming. Some insignificant detail in book 1 will be a turn... Show more...


5 May 20, 2018

This whole book (Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds) is a masterpiece of the fantasy genre. There were so many amazing moments, I can't even!

The story is original, unlike anything you've read before, and the characters are fascinating to read about.

Trippy, amazing philosophical fantasy

4 April 16, 2018

I was a bit reluctant about the "philosophical fantasy" genre, knowing it was a new genre, but I'm glad I sat through with this amazing book.

I discovered a hidden gem with an astonishing plot, fascinating characters and rather trippy locations. The book is accessible on the surface but hides some deep themes about fate and free will, and the main character herself is very much in the... Show more...

Amazing story. Impeccable writing. Trippy, epic and a bit philosophical.

5 March 30, 2018

Oh my god, I love this book! I found out about it a bit too late. The story is known but it's not in the mainstream yet (I wish it were though. it's worth it) but it's gaining more and more popularity of late.

The story is amazing; the writing impeccable, the plot a bit trippy and not everyone will get the darker, more philosophical undertones of the book, but it's one of those rare... Show more...

A rare gem I discoverd entirely by accident

4 March 22, 2018

Vivian Amberville is a rare gem I discoverd entirely by accident. I purchased it during a Christmas sale, but knowing what I know now, I would have been happy to pay the full price.

The story is A-mazing with capital A, unique and exquisite in every regard. It is deep, atmospheric and will put the reader through its paces. It's one of those stories where long after you finished reading,... Show more...

This story is controversial and for good reasons

4 March 07, 2018

Vivian Amberville is the golden age of fantasy writing

5 February 19, 2018

Can't believe this book hasn't got more reviews. All my friends know about it!

Vivian Amberville is like going through the rabbit-hole in Alice in Wonderland: you don't know what you'll find on the other side. I'm using this comparison on purpose, because in the story, Vivian is going to find a "second reality" which becomes like a descent into chaos. It's absolutely amazing on so many... Show more...

I haven't been this engaged with a book since reading Harry Potter

4 February 18, 2018

I bought this book on a whim, because the idea appealed to me. It took a few chapters for me to really get into it, but once I did, it picked up beautifully and I couldn't put it down anymore.

Spoiler: in chapter 5 or so, when Vivian falls through a hole in the fabric of reality and discovers this chaotic parallel world, the book becomes like a drug. I haven't been this engaged with... Show more...

Exceeded expectations

4 February 08, 2018

I surely expected a mind-blowing reading experience, but I never expected a MASTERPIECE-level reading experience.

The story unfolds beautifully, seamlessly and purposefully. The story is very detailed and every detail has its place. The characters are fully-fleshed and the story is one of the most original things I've read in my life.

Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of... Show more...

This saga needs to be bigger! Look forward to the much-awaited Book of Chaos!

5 February 01, 2018

I don't give 5 stars easily, but the Vivian Amberville book series is on the same level with A Song of Ice and Fire, The Wheel of Time, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. It's simply THAT GOOD!

This book saga is perfect and needs to be bigger! I look forward to the much-awaited sequel, The Book of Chaos!

It is as good as they all say it is

4 January 16, 2018

I wanted so much to tear down this book, because of the huge hype around it and how I was hearing about it literally EVERYWHERE. I was actually going to jot down a 1 star review without even reading the book, but at the very last moment, I decided to at least open this book I pirated and take at least a measly look inside.

I fell in love with it right away. It's something special altogether;... Show more...

The ultimate fantasy story

5 January 11, 2018

This book was spectacular! Better than Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, better than anything I've ever read, really. If I had to describe it, I wouldn't even know where to begin.

Just to give you a hint, here are some of the things you'll find in this book:

- people who can change the substance of reality
- a protagonist whose imagination can change outcomes... Show more...

Can't describe how awesome this book is. A rare, rare gem with many shiny facets!

5 January 04, 2018

This book is the best thing that happened to me this year. Just finished it today (read it in under 3 days) and I now feel both sad that it's over and happy that it happened.

I can't even describe how awesome this story is. A rare, rare gem with many shiny facets!

masterpiece of fantasy

5 January 02, 2018

Wow, just wow! Writing a review for a book like this is tremendously difficult, maybe because a simply 5 stars is not enough to describe the mind-blowing experience The Weaver of Odds has provided.

They were right when they said you need to EXPERIENCE this novel. Everything about it is AAA level of storytelling. Try it yourself!

Came for the Advent. Stayed for the book

4 December 22, 2017

I actually came across the free Advent Calendar stories present on this site, and I felt like I needed to know more about the Vivian Amberville universe. The advent stories were written in a lighter tine (funny, quirky, sarcastic) than the book "Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds". The book is everything the advent stories were, but a lot DEEPER, sometimes darker and scarier, and I couldn't believe... Show more...

Loved it so much!!!

4 December 20, 2017

I can't believe how wonderful this fantasy story is! It's J.K.Rowling level of storytelling, only with a more Tolkienesque, philosophical twist!

Loved Vivian Amberville so damn much and I definitely recommend it!

Terrific story! Vivian Amberville exceeded all my expectations!

5 December 16, 2017

They say author don't write stories like they used to, but this one did! Vivian Amberville is a fantasy story unlike anything I've read before! Its universe is rich and teeming with lore, history and humour.

If you're not convinced if this book is for you, The author (Louise Blackwick) even published 24 free advent stories that complete the Vivian Amberville universe. I wasn't planning... Show more...

A great read!

5 December 05, 2017

What a fantastic read! I love Vivian Amberville's story, the orphan whose imagination can change reality. It's one of the best books I've read in recent years!!

Comparable in quality to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Vivian Amberville is a must read!

A book with the potential to become a classic!

4 November 21, 2017

This is the first time I've been impressed with a new author and a new release.A very original idea to combine epic fiction with philosophy. I honestly cannot compare this work with anything else. It outruns Matrix by a mile! It is a colourful double universe, science fiction and fantasy all in one with a cast of characters you will fall in love with (or despise) right away.

The author... Show more...

Vivian Amberville is incomparable and reminds me of the golden age of writers!

5 November 14, 2017

Oh my goodness, I love this book so much! Vivian Amberville is amazing and incomparable - and it reminds me of the Golden Age of writing, where instant classics were born in the course of years. Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds is an instant classic, and I can only hope the world would think the same.

This is one of those amazing reads that you'll remember for a long, long time,... Show more...

A book for teens that adults will enjoy!

4 November 09, 2017

I heard about Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds through a friend in America and he enjoyed it so much I ordered my own copy.

I loved this book with all my heart and I can honestly say I see it become famous and mainstream soon enough, because it's that great!

The Vivian Amberville book is seemingly for teenagers, but my opinion is that only adults will truly come... Show more...

A masterpiece with a multi-layered world

5 November 08, 2017

The masterpiece of this work is the multi-layered world the author created, the lifelike characters and the hidden messages in the story. A recommended read for fantasy and sci fi fans.

Vivian Amberville is the single most amazing fantasy book I've ever read!

4 November 05, 2017

I bought the book here, on the website, and it conquered my heart right away!

In short: the story mainly takes place in two worlds: one is a futuristic failed Great Britain, the other a fantasy realm where thoughts can be shaped into things. It's a dystopian science fiction novel and a dystopian fantasy novel all in one.

Vivian Amberville is the single most amazing fantasy... Show more...

Amazing read. Definitely lives up to the hype and it deserves the popularity it got

4 November 03, 2017

Vivian Amberville follows the story of a teenage girl who can manipulate the outcome of events. She can travel between dimensions and ultimately discovers she can reshape reality. The idea is definitely original and the book was written very very well.

I liked the story a lot, but at times I felt the philosophical implications were a bit too complicated for me to grasp, a bit like the... Show more...

Vivian Amberville is in league with George Martin, J.K.Rowling and Patrick Rothfuss

5 November 01, 2017

I purchased the paperback last year in november. Louise Blackwick is a new and little known author, but the book has a fanbase of 2-3 million readers. Vivian Amberville is basically a masterpiece of the fantasy genre, in right league with George Martin, J.K.Rowling and Patrick Rothfuss.

I would have given it 10 stars if I could!

5 October 17, 2017

This book was one of the most remarkable stories I've read in a long time. The story is fast-paced and easy to follow, but the Vivian Amberville universe is vast, complex and multi-layered, just like the characters. The story takes place in a dark and dystopian UK (now called Great England) - a futuristic world ruled by poverty, social dissolution and an incurable sickness brought by the rising ocean... Show more...

You can't get a fantasy more original and epic than Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds!

4 October 13, 2017

Honestly, I wish I knew about this author sooner. With Vivian Amberville, Louise Blackwick managed to create a completely original universe, populated by realistic characters and a compelling plot.

You really can't get a fantasy more original and epic than Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds!

Amazing story about the power of imagination

5 October 11, 2017

When I picked up the paperback, I knew I had something awesome in my hands! The story of Vivian Amberville and how her imagination could influence reality took my breath away. Set in a most unique and brilliant double-dystopian universe, where thoughts become things.

Dark and humorous, fast-paced and mesmerizing, deep and timeless!

Breath-taking novel! Not enough reviews on here!

4 October 09, 2017

I bought a copy on this website, and it got to me in no time at all. I love the story so much, I returned to buy 6 more copies for my friends and colleagues. They all loved it, and created something like a cult-following. It's such an incredible story, it's difficult to put in words.

You have this poor little girl, and her imagination has the power to recreate the world. Deep, original... Show more...

Louise Blackwick is the George R.R.Martin of YA fantasy

5 October 08, 2017

I devoured this book! It really makes you see good and evil in a whole new light: the perspective of necessary evil. The Weaver of Odds is the most interesting book I've read this past few years. Louise Blackwick is the George R.R.Martin of YA fantasy!

You need to give this a try. This fantasy series creates its own genre!

4 October 05, 2017

I've always been sceptical of new fantasy series. Surely everything has been written already. WRONG. Just like game of Thrones, this fantasy book creates its own genre. It's a mixture of philosophical fantasy, science fiction, dark humour and YA adventure novel.

In a matter of months I went from extremely sceptical to harcore fan of the Vivian Amberville series. I wish everyone would... Show more...

An amazing coming of age novel!

4 October 05, 2017

Purchased through official website. Completely worth the price. Vivian Amberville's story is unlike anything out there! I absolutely loved this coming of age novel about the power of imagination!

Will recommend to more fantasy readers!


5 October 03, 2017

You need this book series in your life. I took a gamble with this little-known read and it was 500% worth it! Louise Blackwick is an amazing author. Buy her masterpiece books. You'll end up falling in love with the dark and mind-bending Vivian Amberville universe!

Omg, love this book's double-dystopian universe!

5 October 03, 2017

I purchased this book here, on their page and it has quickly entered in my top 10 favourite fantasy series. It's right there in league with A song of ice and Fire, Wheel of Time and Harry Potter, LOTR and the like. Vivian Amberville is a fricking masterpiece!

What I enjoyed the most was the vast and detailed double-dystopian universe of the book series. Won't spoil anything on here,... Show more...

The next Harry Potter! Loved this amazing quirky read!

4 September 21, 2017

Omg, I just finished this book yesterday. Weaver of Odds was amazing! The universe of the book is dark and quirky, a bit like Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass. I loved it! More people need to know about it!

Vivian Amberville is the next Harry Potter. A deep, fascinating universe!

Incredible story on how imagination can change your reality

5 September 01, 2017

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I downloaded the epub and pdf version of Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds from torrent sites. Since the book came out of nowhere, and it was incredibly hyped as a masterpiece of the fantasy/sci-fi genre, I wanted to give it a try before I try an unknown book.

Let me just say the book lived up to its hype and even surpassed it! It is indeed a masterpiece,... Show more...

Amazing book, but 300 pages was not enough

3 August 31, 2017

I bough Weaver of Odds on the official page and let me first say I absolutely loved it. Characters, world(s), plot, world-building, themes... everything was original and incredibly well-developed.

The reason I'm only giving this book 3 stars is because 300 pages was not enough for my own eyes to do this series justice. I know this was only the first book in a series of 5, but for me... Show more...

Hands-on the best adventure novel since the great Jules verne!

5 August 25, 2017

This book fell into my hands through a friend. I was sucked into the story right away, into what I think to be the best adventure novel since the great Jules Verne.

Much like Jules Verne, Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds introduces a long and fantastic journey, this time into a tangential reality, a parallel universe where people can control reality using their thoughts. Despite... Show more...

Amazing, fantastic, tripping book!

4 August 17, 2017

I purchased this book on the official website, because I don't believe in Amazon and all that. The book turned out to be a page-turner and also ,very uniquely-written!

It's also a genre of fantasy that I never read before: a combination of science fiction, fantasy, satire, adventure book and deep, philosophical read, combined with trippy, surreal effects. The kind you'd see in a dream.Show more...

Magic of J.K.Rowling with the humour of Terry Pratchett

5 July 28, 2017

This book is amazing! Not since the magic of J.K Rowling in the Harry Potter series, and the humour of Terry Pratchett in Discword did I experience such level of fiction! There was not one boring moment in the whole novel!

The story, the characters, the locations... everything is amazingly developed. Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds is an AAA+ read and I definitely recommend it... Show more...

fiction at its best

5 July 26, 2017

Vivian Amberville is a form of meta-fiction that captures the various facets of imagination in a unique manner. It speaks about the responsibilities that come with engaging our imagination in becoming free-willed and then manifestation. In this novel, the mind (as an imagining) realm has also an inner will which is solely molded by the spirit of each Weaver. By doing this we can say that it has an... Show more...

Excellent Fantasy Book

4 July 16, 2017

I purchased Vivian Amberville on Kobo a few weeks ago because I knew it was a popular bestseller and wanted to give it a go. I read the book almost in one night and I instantly fell in love with the story, the characters and the lore, to the point it has now become one of my favourite fantasy books out there.

Vivian Amberville is an excellent fantasy book, and perhaps one of the most... Show more...

The fantasy book of books

5 July 14, 2017

Vivian Amberville is like the fantasy book of books, and its excellent narrative reminds me of Lord of the Rings, only more fast-paced and far more surreal. The characters are, however, more like in A Song of Fire and Ice - neither good nor bad, but conflicted - and the settings are both nightmarish and dreamlike, like in Alice in Wonderland.

The humour is a bit like in Terry Pratchett's... Show more...

Vivian Amberville in my top 5 favourite fantasy book series

5 June 30, 2017

I was rather suspicious of book series that come out of nothing, but I loved the premise of the story so much (a female lead who could influence reality) that I purchased the paperback.

Vivian Amberville is now in my top 5 favourite fantasy book series, and for good reasons. I ain't gonna spoil anything in this review, but I knew I had something unique and amazing in my hand from the... Show more...

Vivian Amberville is a book series like Harry Potter, only better

5 June 24, 2017

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I never thought I'd see the day an author manages to "recreate" the magical atmostphere and alluring universe of Harry Potter, without it being a Harry Potter Story.

let me tell you, Vivian Amberville is a book series like Harry Potter, only better! Heroes are unique and memorable, as are the locations and don't get me started about Vivian's sidekick,... Show more...

A fantasy book series with spunk!

4 June 22, 2017

I was wary of any NEW popular fantasy book series, because I doubted I could find anything original that hasn't been tried before. I was wrong.

Vivian Amberville is a fantasy book series with spunk! It's got grit, it's got sass, and what's more, it's based on a completely original idea that makes it stand out on its own, from all the other popular fantasy series out there.
Show more...

Vivian Amberville is the Witcher 3 of fantasy literature

5 June 21, 2017

I'm a passionate gamer and a reader of fantasy fiction. A few years back, the game Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt was released on the market and it changed my life and the face of gaming forever.

Last November, Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds was published, and once more, it changed my life and the face of fantasy fiction forever. The Witcher 3 and Vivian Amberville may not have anything... Show more...

Vivian Amberville is a dystopian fantasy book like no other

5 June 21, 2017

I cannot stress strongly enough how amazing this book is! I got it from a
friend for free, but eventually I ordered my own copy, because it was simply too great not to have in my collection.

Vivian Amberville is the ultimate dystopian fantasy book series out there! It's not even set in one dystopian universe, but multiple (as in multiple realities), and it's the most amazing... Show more...

A coming of age book unlike anything out there

5 June 21, 2017

Ever since I read the Weaver of Odds, I became obsessed with the story, the world. It's one of the most immersive books I've ever had in my hand.

My opinion: Vivian Amberville is a coming of age book, but unlike anything out there, or at least unlike anything I've read so far.

The main character, Vivian, is forced to grow up very quickly by very bad circumstances, and... Show more...

Best magical realism story I read!

5 June 21, 2017

Bought the Vivian Amberville paperback on the official website. Started reading within 2 weeks and I was completely captivated by the magical realism of the 2 worlds portrayed: a world of technology and a fantasy world.

Both the technological world and the fantasy world have realism, even though the extraordinary can be seen all the time. Even the Weavers have hundreds of laws and rules,... Show more...

This book was breathtaking

5 June 19, 2017

I purchased the paperback book on the official website. Not only it arrived very fast, but the service and kindness was noteworthy.

I finished the book in under 3 days. It was breathtaking: fast, heart-pumping, exhilarating. I cannot find a single thing I would change about it. I cannot find anything wrong with the story. It is simply AMAZING and something truly unique and special.Show more...

Could have been longer

3 June 17, 2017

I got "The Weaver of Odds" for my Kindle and I was very pleased with the book, most of the time. While the story approaches the greatness of Tolkien, I feel it could have done with a few tens of pages, particularly in key situations such as the grand finale. I understand this is the first book in a series, and that for publishing reasons it had to be kept lean. I also understand it was supposed to... Show more...

An unexpected AAA book

5 June 06, 2017

I am from Denmark and I bought this on my swedish friend's recommendation. From the start, I was amazed by the AAA quality of the writing.

The Weaver of Odds is amazingly written - every single detail has a role in the overarching plot. I don't think I've read many books so perfectly executed.

I'm hooked now and I'm waiting for the next books in the franchise.

This book needs its movie adaptation

5 May 31, 2017

After I purchased the paperback from the official website, I read it within a week. What I noticed pretty much straight away was how much the plot resembled a movie script: the writing was crisp clean, the descriptions short and memorable, the dialogue vivid and more than believable. The author even split the story in 3 parts, like a movie script.

This is one of those books whose adaptation... Show more...

Characters on amazing journeys

4 May 30, 2017

I downloaded the eBook from the official website and I must say it was a pleasure to read. I loved the amazing journey each character undertakes, namely the sentient creature Kaap, who I would love to read a spin-off about. But each character has a fantastic journey ahead, and the way it intersects reminds me of "A Song of Fire and Ice", only less political and military.

I loved this... Show more...

A very hyped book that met all expectations!

5 May 29, 2017

Bought of the official website some months ago. Was initially reluctant about the whole Weaver of Odds - story of a girl who learns how to manipulate reality - because of how much the fanbase had been hyping it. Hyping things raises readers'expectations to a point the story cannot satisfy anyone.

But Vivian Amberville DID satisfy. It met all expectations and continues to meet them, no... Show more...

Instantly fell in love with this story

5 May 28, 2017

I fell in love with the story and the characters of Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds. It's a story of two worlds, one a dystopian cyber-future ruled by money and technology, one a dystopian fantasy ruled by people who manipulate events and even reality. At the center of this is a 13-year old girl who belongs to both worlds, and has amazing adventures along the way.

I recommended... Show more...

Perfect story. Everything corresponds to itself

4 May 26, 2017

I bought the eBook version and I'm thinking of securing my own printed copy because this story's simply amazing.

The story, the characters, the plots: everything corresponded to one another in ways I've never seen before. Not since the great Kafka.
I really really loved it!

The author obviously knows a lot about literary writing, because everything in that book... Show more...

The story of stories!

5 May 26, 2017

Borrowed this from a friend and was immediately hooked to the story. It's like the story of Everything, where the protagonists face life itself, only disguised as a sci fi and fantasy tale. It's a story of stories, and the message behind it is very touching. Simply loved it!

I loved it so much that I'm going to order my own copy of the book!

Metaphor of life's purpose

5 May 26, 2017

I purchased this on the official website on a friend's recommendation. Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds has reopened my passion for fantasy, because this book is MORE than a fantastic story. It's a metaphor of life, of free will, of the human ability to make choices and what does choices bring. It's a story about purpose and duty, and how we are the creators of our own life. It's a grand narrative... Show more...

Unforgettable experience!

5 May 25, 2017

I bought the book on this beautiful website, knowing the author was involved in writing and also illustrating. Vivian's story ended up being an AAA-read, with entirely original characters, plots and settings.

This whole read has been an unforgettable experience! I'm waiting for the next Vivian Amberville book!

Quirky, humorous, fast-paced, dark, deep and amazing

4 May 25, 2017

It was recommended to me by an American friend who loved the book very much, so I also purchased it on official website. It got here quickly, began reading and I loved it so much, I wanted to share my experience with others.

If you're into quirky, humorous, fast-paced fantasy, this is for you! If you're into dark and deep (philosophical even), this is also for you! Chances are, you're... Show more...

Can't wait for the next book!

5 May 25, 2017

I bought the book on the official page and finished reading "The Weaver of Odds" in less than 2 days! I devoured the story and loved it enormously to the point I'm addicted! Now the only problem is that I have to wait for the next instalment and the wait is killing me!

Vivian Amberville is in my top 5 fantasy book series!

5 May 25, 2017

Oh dear me, I loved this book! I'm a great consumer of fantasy and read pretty much everything out there: the classics like Tolkien and the recents like Rowling and Sanderson. My list of top 5 was pretty much fixed in my mind but after reading "Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds", I got a new all time favourite.

Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds should be in anyone's top 5 favourite... Show more...

Good story

4 May 25, 2017

Got book from dad. I like story, it is real good story. Very nice adventure from Vivian and friends. I like fantasy. Language is little difficult for me.

Mind-blowing book

5 May 14, 2017

I've purchased the paperback on the Vivian website. It got here quickly, and the service was impecable, but most amazing was the book.

The story blew my mind away and even though it's just a mixture of sci fi, fantasy, satire and adventure novel, it touched my soul in a deeper way. There's something great about it, I cannot put a finger on. Mind-blowing

So vivid you can hear the music

5 May 07, 2017

I'd give it 10 stars if I could. As a musical artist, I always look for books that dwell on more than just "visual imagery" and I'm excited to say this book has it.

The Weaver of Odds is the most "musical" story I've read since "Alice in Wonderland". I've never known an author who could "picture sound" with that much accuracy. When you read about the Weaver's culture, for instance, you... Show more...

Most exquisite dialogue I've ever read!

5 May 05, 2017

If I could give Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds book more than 5 stars, I would! The book is the single most original story I've ever read!

I also want to make a note on the quality of the writing - namely, the DIALOGUE, which is amazingly-written, to the point one can HEAR the characters speaking inside your mind, as if they're sitting right next to you.

From voice,... Show more...

Best fantasy book series ever!

5 April 30, 2017

I bought the book on the official website. The idea of a girl who could influence events and reshape reality appealed to me. Nothing prepared me for how awesome this book would turn out to be!

Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds is the best fantasy book series ever. There's absolutely nothing like it on the market atm. If you're a dystopian fantasy fan, you need to have this!

Intense and I loved every bit of it!

4 April 30, 2017

Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds really touched me in a profound way. It is intense, incredibly well-written, the characters are memorable and the story reaches into your soul.

I loved every bit of it and recommended the book to all my friends!

A masterpiece. This is the next Harry Potter, only for adults!

5 April 29, 2017

I'm a booklover, and I gotto say Vivian Amberville is one of the most amazing stories I've read in my whole life.

It's not just a science fiction or a fantasy story. It's almost like a piece of truth; like wisdom and knowledge disguised as fiction.

I am confident this British masterpiece of a story is going to explode at the same level Harry Potter did all those years... Show more...

Vivian Amberville is a book with a soul

5 April 29, 2017

From the very beginning, I knew this book was hyped by lots of critics and metacritics. From "Hunger Games", "Divergent" and "Mazerunner", which everyone else loved but I personally found very thin and simplistic in point of character depth and plot, I've grown wary of "popular" things and which is why I wanted to form my own opinion about the "Vivian Amberville" book series. And here it is:

VIVIAN... Show more...

Freewill vs. determinism

4 April 25, 2017

I really enjoyed reading this inspiring and very original book. There are lots of questions the book throws on the table: are our choices really ours to make? Are outcomes ours to influence? In the Vivian Amberville universe, thoughts can become things, which puts freewill vs. determinism into question.

If you're into an inspiring and philosophical message, this fantastic story may... Show more...

I am obsessed! Read it 3 times.

5 April 24, 2017

This book was recommended to me by a friend, so as a passionate sci/fi and fantasy fan, I gave it a try.

Since then, I've read it 3 times, only to find new thing with every read. I'm even thinking of reading it a 4th time. I can't wait for the second instalment of the Vivian Amberville series.

Vivian Amberville is the best fantasy fiction ever!

5 April 23, 2017

I purchased this book on the official website and let me just say I found a rare gem right here. This has got to be THE best sci fi, fantasy book I've ever had the pleasure to read!

If you're a serious sci fi/fantasy fan, you CANNOT miss this book series!

What an original book!

5 April 23, 2017

Could hardly believe how original this book was, characters, style and story-wise. The writing was fast and accessible, but with a deep story and meaningful message. Loved it!

Amazing read!

4 April 22, 2017

What an amazing read! Loved the story, the characters, the ending most of all! Characters remind me of J.K.Rowling - always iconic, and the plot could have been written by George Martin - so many intertwining details.

Book was never boring, not even for a second, and I loved every bit of it!

A story about filling gaps and holes

5 April 22, 2017

I didn't buy this book myself, but I read the paperback copy of a friend. I was hooked right from the start.

Apart from the impeccable writing, amazing storyline and its originality, the story focuses on the idea of "filling gaps and holes": a hole left by missing parents, missing love, missing freedom, a hole left by the lack of purpose.

An orwellian experience of the darkness within

4 April 22, 2017

I purchased the story from the official website. I knew the story had been hyped by all sorts of meta-critics so I went into it with certain reservations.

It doesn't happen often with new authors, but I was pleased to noticed the story was deeper and better structured than even the critics have presaged.

To be noted "Weaver of Odds" peels away its crust much like an onion,... Show more...

The hero's journey exceeded my expectations

5 April 22, 2017

I just finished reading "The Weaver of Odds" and I was so touched by the story, I came back to review it.

Vivian's journey is a true hero's journey, but in a very unconventional sense. By the end of the book, Vivian finds the strength and confidence within herself, by giving strength to those around her. The most transformative experience is what she goes through with her companion,... Show more...

Layers within layers

4 April 21, 2017

Vivan Amberville tests our imagination by bringing quite an interesting mix of elements and creative visuals to the process. The story asks us to think within ourselves and I could reflect very well with Vivian and how we would behave given the powers.

I love the exploration of different worlds and how they affect each other. I love the intertwining of fate, destiny and the desire to... Show more...

God is in the details

4 April 21, 2017

With this book, the greatness lies in both bulk and details.

I can't believe how many easter eggs the author hid in her work! I just realized the chemical element Vanadium (used in the book), has the atomic number 23 - which is an important number in the book - and that it's short for "V", another symbol seen everywhere, including the main character.

Then there's Palladium,... Show more...

The first original sci/fi-fantasy since Avatar

5 April 21, 2017

This is the most original sci-fi/fantasy I read since the story of Avatar was introduced.

Book takes place in 2 worlds: one is a gritty far-away future where floods have destroyed continents, and the people are polarized into very rich or very poor. The other worlds is a fantastic world with a civilization older than ours, but where the people have evolved without ever discovering technology.... Show more...

Too little website content!

3 April 18, 2017

Yes, well I bought this book shortly after release and fell in love with it right away. But the thing is, on popular demand, the author started building this trivia page on the website, including extra info about creatures, characters and lore, and she hasn't updated it in over 3 months! She even promised to include a "more about the characters" page, and that hasn't happened yet either!
Show more...

Original. This story needs to get big!

5 April 15, 2017

I expected a generic fantasy/science-fiction book, but it was so much more. This is the most amazing book I've read in a while and I can't find a single thing I disliked about it. I don't even know where to begin my praise. Awesome characters, mind-blowing locations, tight plot: why aren't more people reading this? This story deserves to get big!

I simply want more people to experience... Show more...

Unlike any other story in living memory!

5 April 07, 2017

There was a time I thought no story could ever beat the magical settings of Lord of the Rings, the magical machinations of Harry Potter, the plot-twists of A Song of Fire and Ice. I was proven wrong by the mindbending masterpiece that is "The Weaver of Odds"

To describe my reading experience with this book would take me more than the 150 characters I am requested to fill up for this... Show more...

Great deeper meaning

5 March 25, 2017

Easy-to-read, humourous yet emotional story. Made me cry ánd laugh several times. I loved the depth the most: the book really comes with a message. Very well written.

Stimulates imagination

4 March 18, 2017

The book is situated in two worlds; one a future England and the other a totally unique realm. Not everything about that other world is described in this book, but there are hints. The way the author describes the world and the characters requires a lot of imagination, it's mostly up to the reader to form an image of the scene. The book is definitely not as descriptive as one might see with George... Show more...

Amazing story with great characters

5 March 12, 2017

Bought the paperback from the official website. Nice quality book, even better quality story. Truly amazing. Especially the characters, they are very well developed and also show growth during the story. I'm curious for the next book in the series!

Phenomenal book

4 March 08, 2017

Read as epub. Phenomenal book. Magnitude of the universe reminds me of Lord of the Rings and A song of fire and Ice, with lots of British humour and the satirical influences of Pratchett's Discworld.

Loved everything about it. Would have given it a 5 stars if the main character (Vivian) hadn't been showing signs of being an anti-hero. I guess it adds extra dimensions to it, but for me... Show more...

Very incredible story

5 March 06, 2017

I bought the ebook from because I was following the author Blackwick on Twitter for a while, and I thought the book was showing promise. I knew she lives in the Netherlands and wanted to show my support.

I never expected her story to be so amazing. I literally cried during some scenes, and i felt very touched and inspored by the story on multiple occasion. It's also a very funny... Show more...

Next generation kind of literature

5 March 06, 2017

I just finished reading it and my conclusion was: Vivian Amberville is a next generation kind of literature. Accessible to kids and young adults, which can read this as an inspiring adventure about family love and the power of friendship similar to the Harry Potter series... but at the same time, the book is a next-level writing, which includes a deep and detailed analysis of our failing world.

I... Show more...

More original than Harry Potter

5 March 03, 2017

I have got my hands on this one book through a friend. I actually haven't finished it yet, but I'm about halfway through and it is the single most amazing story I have ever read since Harry Potter.

Only that this is much more original and intense. I will laugh, cry and curse the gods when it is over.

Nothing like it!

5 February 27, 2017

Purchased from Amazon a few weeks ago and I must say I am absolutely obsessed with this story.

There is virtually NOTHING remotely like "The Weaver of Odds" it out there. This book is in a league of its own, and it's only the beginning. If you haven't read this yet, you're being left out on a grand narrative.

Weaver of Odds is a rare gem

5 February 26, 2017

Bought the ebook from Amazon.

I thought it was one of those obscure books, but it wasn't. Weaver of Odds is a rare gem. Totally deserved 5 stars.

Wanted to show my support to the author by leaving a review.

if you haven't read this yet, do it now!

I found something special

5 February 26, 2017

I read it during a promotion for only 0.99 quid and have been obsessing about it ever since.

I immediately knew I found something special, so I rushed to their website where I found a guidebook of the amazing world I just read about.

I will definitely recommend it to all my friends.

Humorous and inspiring

5 February 26, 2017

I purchased this book from Amazon for 99c. during a promotion, and I couldn't help but give it 5 stars.

It's just about the most amazing thing I've read in a long, long while. It's very fast-paced, characters are often behaving in the gray, and the entire journey was a heart-pumping ride.

Humorous and inspiring, satirical and at times dark, easy to read but very, very... Show more...

Need to read this book at least twice

5 February 25, 2017

I read it as ebook last year. The story was really catching my attention, sucking me into the book. The main characters are well developed, especially the little creature called Kaap. I must admit that I developed a weak spot for it. I won't spoil that part, though, find out for yourself how awesome this being (or what is it?) is! Also, I liked how the worlds are described; I could vividly imagine... Show more...

Must read

5 February 10, 2017

Vivian Amberville merits to be on the great shelves of history, I'm absolutely sure about that.
A must read of 2017 and the years to come.

Highly recommend!

Definitely recommended

5 February 10, 2017

Dark and haunting, but at the same time, humorous and with a very inspiring mind-over-matter message.

Definitely recommend: a must-read if you're into scifi, fantasy, satire, philosophy and characterization.

Very addicting book

5 February 10, 2017

I read this book as an ebook and felt the same rush I felt when I first read Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or Hunger Games series: it's the feeling that you've found something unique, something very, very special. The philosophical message behind this high fantasy action-adventure book is deep, very inspiring, despite the humoristic and satirical traits of the story.

Conclusion: Very... Show more...

Something special

5 February 10, 2017

Terrific book. Truly something special!

Awesome read

5 February 10, 2017

Awesome read. Should be made into a movie!

Will be BIG

5 February 09, 2017

Thank you for adding this amazing book! This story is a phenomenon! This will get BIG (as in, Harry Potter BIG), I'm sure.

100% recommend if you like dystopian sci/fi, dark fantasy with a quirk, british humour, and dem feeels!

It's a bloody masterpiece!

5 February 09, 2017

Original story of a little girl who can reshape events and circumstances, from where "the weaver of odds". I don't know what I expected from this book, but it exceeded all my expectations. Blew my mind in so many different ways.

If you haven't read it yet, you should. No spoilers here, but it's a bloody masterpiece!

All-time favorites

5 January 11, 2017

This book entered my all-time favorites. Absolutely devoured the inspiring and blood-pumping Weaver of Odds.

Original mind-blowing story

5 November 30, 2016

This is the most awesome book I read! The universe is entirely original, mind-blowing. JK Rowling could get dethroned!

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