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Whatever Vivian Amberville is, the world needs more of it

5 June 29, 2020

In the age of social justice cancel culture, remake of a remake and drying up artforms comes a story of a young girl whose imagination can very literally "reshape the fabric of reality." Vivian Amberville is storytelling originality in its most pure, bringing us into a dark and hopeless world where the only weapon against the speading of chaos is one girl's ability to "imagine better circumstances". As a high art critic, believe me when I say I didn't think a story like this will ever be told in my lifetime. And yet it did, and thank goodness it did not go unnoticed. It also doesn't hurt that Louise Blackwick has climbed from the slums of anonimity to a staggering net worth of over 33 million euro, and that only includes her most recent work.

Whatever Vivian Amberville is, the world needs more of it.