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Do you hold power over your destiny? 

Are you a Weaver of Odds?

There is a hidden world underneath our world. A loom of deceit fogging what we call reality...

There are invisible threads connecting us all: people, places, events - and above it all, the ultimate illusionists. The Masters of our fate. Puppeteers of our soul. Weavers of unseen patterns, whose wicked, twisting threads have long enslaved our choices.

Have enslaved our free will.

Vivian Amberville puppet free will

For too long, we have been the flies in their web - tightly-stringed puppets whose circumstances they now command. Every one of us, enslaved since birth. Slaves to our own destiny.

All… except one.

Vivian Amberville Manor Fire

Witness the birth of a new fantasy saga, where the thoughts of today become the events of tomorrow. In a world in which reality can be altered and history can be rewritten, a young hero weaves her adventures into a higher calibre of fiction.

Æbe'trax is a rare metallic ore found in the deepest caverns of Ærria.

Fantasy like never told before: a mythical fiction of friendship and acceptance; of fate and free will; of destiny and despair; of extraordinary ordinary heroes and their reality-changing journeys.

Vivian Amberville is not a saga to be read.

Vivian Amberville is a saga to be experienced.

Vivian Amberville a hero is born

The Vivian Amberville book series follows the epic adventures of a young girl whose imagination can reshape reality. Helped by friends and challenged by foes, she discovers her ability to "manipulate events" can be detrimental in preventing the impending apocalypse.

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