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Community review by Teresa McRae

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Loved it so much

5 April 03, 2019

After passing this book up a few times because I thought it was for YA, I contacted the author on FB to find out if it would appeal to someone my age ( 60 ). A number of readers familiar with the book, informed me that I would indeed enjoy reading Vivian Amberville. I was very glad because the premise intrigued me from the start.
This is a wonderful book. The characters are well-written. Their three-dimensionality is consistently evident to the least of them. There is mystery, fantasy, sci-fi and even some undertones of an historical nature that are seen in the worlds Vivian lives in, yet it is never confusing because the writing is so good.
I loved it so much, I ordered a signed paperback from the author to have in my collection. I had never done this before. Don’t pass up a chance to read Vivian Amberville:The Weaver or Odds. It is the first in what I hope will be a long series.