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Community review by Bob Goddard

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Learn to weave a thread of gold

5 April 04, 2019

Welcome to Milton Keynes, a flooded, swampy, disease-ridden dystopia where a little girl has been snatched from the streets and incarcerated in a hellish children’s home. She doesn't know it yet, but she holds the fate of the known world – and an amazing unknown world beyond – in the palm of her hand.

Louise Blackwick’s extraordinary novel will transport you on wings of shadowhide, through holes in the fabric of reality, into realms both wonderfully plausible and uniquely strange. You will fall in love with her characters and come to revile her villains as you follow Vivian into deadly trials and nightmarish traps. But you will also learn to weave a thread of gold through the intricate pattern of this amazing story and come out the other side reborn and renewed.

If, like me, you find yourself thirsting for a sequel to this epic fantasy, we are promised that ‘Vivian Amberville: The Book of Chaos’ will be published in 2019. I can’t wait!