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Community review by EmanuelBora

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Just what I needed to read. Took me out of a dark place. Changed my life completely.

5 August 06, 2019

I opened this book at random in my library and started reading. It was a passage about the main character facing off the worst evil imaginable and being scared out of her mind to the point of wanting to quit. I don't know why but this was precisely what I wanted to hear at the moment. I checked out the book, and took it home and remember reading it in one breath, and then going back to the library to extend my lending so I can read it again, because I couldn't get enough of Vivian Amberville incredible universe.

In this underrated series, thoughts become things and your imagination can alter the way reality behaves. I was in a very dark place before I found this book series, I was suicidal, depressed and suffering from severe anxiety. And then I realized this was not my reality, but only a chapter in the story of my life. This was only my Ala Spuria chapter, where little Vivian is being beaten and mistreated and abused and starved, only to discover the fire within her; only to trigger her ability to manipulate odds and the Children Adoption Lottery. I didn't need to be depressed and anxious and suicidal for the rest of my life; it didn't have to be this way and I could change it. And I know this is gonna sound really crazy but for a few months now I tried to apply Vivian's mindset to my own and I can hardly believe the results! I know it's just fiction (although fans say this was author Louise Blackwick's way of talking about her anxiety and depression) but something about it stuck with me and pulled me out. I realized that I, just like Vivian, had more power over my reality than I thought I did, and all I needed to "get in tune with reality" was to believe in the power of my own imagination.

Ever since I read and absorbed this story, I got a lot of amazing new ideas (I'm an artist) and they all materialized into everything I imagined: love, respect of my peers and even financial gain. I just had to tap into the little-used power of my limitless imagination to change my entire life completely. Become one of them "Weavers", as the author calls them.

To make a long story short, this work of fiction is not just cheap thrills. It has substance and wisdom and character like no other. It's life-changing and inspiring and speaks at lengths about the amazing power of our imagination which has the power to change our reality. I now own a signed book from the author and will be purchasing the rest of the Vivian Amberville books in the series, as they come out.