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Community review by Anna

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Came for the Advent. Stayed for the book

4 December 22, 2017

I actually came across the free Advent Calendar stories present on this site, and I felt like I needed to know more about the Vivian Amberville universe. The advent stories were written in a lighter tine (funny, quirky, sarcastic) than the book "Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds". The book is everything the advent stories were, but a lot DEEPER, sometimes darker and scarier, and I couldn't believe this book was not more popular. Turns out it IS POPULAR but the readership is mostly based in English-speaking countries!!

Any way, the story is a masterpiece. I came for the Advent Stories but I stayed for the book, which is a series! yay! That means there will be more Vivian Amberville books set in this amazing universe of 2 dystopians... Existence and Non-Existence.

Really love it! Vivian Amberville deserves its own movie and game. It is THAT immersive!