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Community review by george marlow

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a story thick enough to swim in it

5 August 14, 2020

got to admit I didn't expect much from a young adult epic set in a dystopia. I mean, don't we have enough of those as it is? But really, the Weaver of Odds exceeded my expectations a hundred times over. Sure, the young adult elements are present enough, but man, the layers are so numerous and so deep, I found myself drawing more parallels with Tolkien than J.K. Rowling. This is NOT the typical YA, but more like a really, really good Pixar movie - full of wonder and originality.

Vivian Aberville is a story as thick as the ocean. In fact, the first book is solid enough to stand on its own, but leaves enough to the imagination to justify its sequels. The plot is thick enough to swim in, but perfectly balanced so as not to drown in it or lose track of its elements. I can't recommend it enough!