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Community review by Micky F. West

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Could have been longer

3 June 17, 2017

I got "The Weaver of Odds" for my Kindle and I was very pleased with the book, most of the time. While the story approaches the greatness of Tolkien, I feel it could have done with a few tens of pages, particularly in key situations such as the grand finale. I understand this is the first book in a series, and that for publishing reasons it had to be kept lean. I also understand it was supposed to fit the Young Adult genre, so it had to be written in a fast-paced manner.

But in my opinion, a story of this magnitude deserved to be a bit more fleshed-out... and while it is very detailed, it moved a bit too quickly between scenes. I can only hope that with the recently-found success of its Publisher, the author can afford writing longer books of 450, 500 even 700 pages.