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Community review by throwaway2453535

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I kind of wish to see this world brought to the big screen

4 August 03, 2020

My friend borrowed me a copy of the Weaver of Odds and I read it nearly in one sitting.

Welcome to the world of Vivian Amberville, a swampy, filthy, disease-ridden dystopia, where starvation and sickness are a guarantee, and add the stunning and amazingly original fantasy world of Non-Existence, where people have perfected a way of weaving Threads of influence into the fabric of reality. The book drawn me in from the get-go with its incredible characters and its jaw-dropping settings, I kind of wish to see this world brought to the big screen. A masterful story from a masterful storyteller.

If you're a fan of epic fantasy stories with incredible settings and great contrast of light and darkness, this story is for you.