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Community review by Katerina

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Transcedental series with jungian subtext

5 December 08, 2018

When I first encountered the Vivian Amberville book series, I thought what everyone else thought: that it was a cool, funny and epic read, full of adventure and suspense the likes of Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.

It was only at my second reading of "The Weaver of Odds", (as well as the free advent calendar stories set in the same universe) that I realized that Vivian Amberville is truly a transcedental read. Sometimes about it transcends the profane and gives way into the sacred.

Not only does it imbue subtle philosophies and symbolic teachings in its text, but also condenses an accurate landscape of jungian archetypes as a subtext. The interpretations one can derive from this fantasy series are so numerous, so deep and so cleverly concocted (such as certain biblical and mythological references), it tells me it could have only been deliberate. Just like in Animal Farm or 1984, nothing in this story exists accidentally, and one can recognize it right away.

For me, Vivian Amberville is a mirror to our collective consciousness. It is no less than a metastory of transcedental values, which both warns and instructs on the benefits and the dangers of a chaotic imagination.