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Community review by Alecsiya Ivanović

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5 March 17, 2020

This book series only gets better. I read the unofficial leaked version of Book of Chaos (the incomplete version ofc).
-Now we learn more about how fucked up the Madhad gov really is, and what those earmarking chips really do.
-Weavers no longer weave threads of influence to control reality. They kind of lost control. The new top dog are the Scribes, who use a special type of Ink with reality-altering properties.It's a bit like Death Note: everything you write down in that Ink will happen. Even the course of history is rewritten.
- Vivian goes to the School of Thought to study Weaving (exercising control over reality).
- Vivian simultaneously discovers the most awesome and the most terrifying superpower ever. Also: the Book of Chaos is a real, actual book and everything about it is awesome.
- Kate and Lucian also pick up jaw-dropping new skills (i won't spoil it for you, but yeah. What they can do really goes well with their character, and in many many ways, it's way cooler than Viv's "power over circumstances")
- backstory of Acciper Sparrowhawk and his giant hawk, Shey, is waaay sadder than you think. So is Kaap's backstory. And lady Saah's too.
- we meet Vivian's biological mother, the Queen of Garlaan, and oh boy, is she a character to be reckoned with!
- the Queendom of Garlaan is in civil war because their princess was taken by the Northern Kingdom (you don't want to know what happens to her, trust me).
- We get to see what weird and wonderful things are on that floating citadel. (we learn it's called Kahler Asten by the way)
- get ready for the most epic bossfight ever described in a work of fiction!

Know something? Don't take my word for it. Just go on and read it yourself!