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Community review by Andy Stewart

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A work of genius

5 February 23, 2019

my favourite character is Kaap, who seems to be a symbol of everything Vivian Amberville's universe stands for. His story is incredibly sad, him being the last of his species, and yet Kaap continues to hope and "imagine better", even if the whole Alarian world had branded him as "lesser creature" and "lesserkin" and just a stupid dumb animal to be exploited as a tool and hunted into extinction.

His name in Alarian is Kaap-inna-Valma and literally means "Hole-in-the-Wall", a perfect metaphor for how little and unimportant people make him, even if he is truly sentient, a shape-shifter, a telepath, and can shape reality into whatever he imagines. I think it's symbolic how from a Hole-in-the-Wall, he becomes a "doorway" or a tunnel, or a way in or out of a situation, for whence Vivian/Louise Blackwick beautifully branding him as a "Weaver of Ways".

Kaap is a work of true genius, and this little creature alone makes Vivian Amberville unique, original and fresh. Harry Potter is awesome and since I'm British, I grew up with it, but it's time to let new authors and film makers offer us a new escape. We need something original, something that will transcend the borders of history.

We need Vivian Amberville and we need authors like Louise Blackwick to bring us there