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Community review by Rrader563975

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Powerful story about the importance of imagination

4 December 07, 2020

I purchased this story for my nieces and they became obsessed with Vivian's world. I asked Stephanie (she's 16) why she read "The Weaver of Odds" over 5 times and she said there was something about the way the author talked about the power of our imagination that made her want to "commit" these ideas to her memory. Something about it inspired her to do better and school and used her imagination more and more in everything she does. She calls it "Weaving Threads of influence into the fabric of reality", and I only realized that's what Vivian Amberville calls it - and implicitly the author - when I picked up the book and read it myself in one sitting. Really powerful and inspiring fantasy novel. Great balance between light and darkness, between courage and despair. Highly recommend, especially to younger or teenage readers. Heck, I even purchased a second copy for myself.