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Community review by Marijke van Elderen

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Vol 2 is coming soon and yes, you bet your bum it's worth it! (my apologies to the author for downloading an illegal version of The Book of Chaos)

5 March 06, 2020

Like many people before me, I couldn't resist waiting for the second instalment in the Vivian Amberville saga, so I downloaded the leaked, unofficial and incomplete version of Vivian Amberville, The Book of Chaos.

I do not want to spoil the amazing journey you have in stock, so I will refrain from revealing plot elements, like other readers before me have done. Instead, I will focus on the more general aspect of the story.

1. Storytelling. The Book of Chaos is what Harry Potter could have been if it were written by Geroge R.R. Martin. It is at a much higher level than The Weaver of Odds, the first in the Vivian Amberville series, and it progressively gets better as you read along.
2. Everything ties together with the first book. Every element now introduced builds perfectly on top of the storylines from Weaver of Odds, and even takes it further to brand new hights.
3. The world development of both Existence and Non-Existence (Milton Keynes and Aerria) are absolutely insane. It's like a graphic novel, only that Blackwick paints the picture in your mind, instead of a paper.
4. The character arcs are taken higher and higher. Seemingly unimportant or side characters return with whole new stories to tell. The characterization is incredible, and you really feel for each and every one of them.
5. The symbolism is predicated on Jungian psychology, philosophy, mythology and archetypes. The songs are amazing too.
6. The book will surprise you, if not downright shock you a couple of times.
7. The ending is the most epic denouement I have ever read in a fantasy book (and if you look at my list of read books, there are quite a few contenders)
8. I cried a couple of times while reading it, not because it was sad but because it was so darn epic. It was like watching a movie in my mind, and the awesomeness brought me to tears. I even got goosebumps.
9. Just when I thought the story couldn't get better, it climbed another notch. And then another notch. It was like a continuous ladder of gripping fear, excitement, happiness and epicness
10. I can't wait for this book to be made available in Dutch bookstores. I will, of course, buy the book in English, for both me and my family.