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Community review by Tomas Redding

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magical, beautiful, humorous and dark

5 October 03, 2020

As a kid, I grew up reading Harry Potter As an adult, I grew enamoured with the Vivian Amberville series (it's written by Dutch author Louise Blackwick).

It's a new epic fantasy series that follows the adventures of a little girl who discovers her imagination can reshape the fabric of reality. It's a beautiful world, set in two planes of existence (one set in England, the other beyond the fabric of reality), and in this world history can be rewritten and people can "imagine things true"

The series is a few layers of meaning higher than Harry Potter, and it's just as magical, beautiful, humorous and dark. At its core, it's got philosophy, Jungian psychology, and alchemy. It's got absolutely magical location and memorable characters. If you ever pass by a library or a bookstore, I recommend picking it up.