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Community review by Jonathan

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Amazing book, but 300 pages was not enough

3 August 31, 2017

I bough Weaver of Odds on the official page and let me first say I absolutely loved it. Characters, world(s), plot, world-building, themes... everything was original and incredibly well-developed.

The reason I'm only giving this book 3 stars is because 300 pages was not enough for my own eyes to do this series justice. I know this was only the first book in a series of 5, but for me it all ended rather abruptly, and I wish the author could have explained Vivian's last choice, in the last paragraph of the book. I expect it's probably going to be explained in the sequel, but I personally prefer books with a well-rounded ending.

Despite my review, I think this book is amazing, and I will definitely recommend it to all fantasy and sci-fi lovers. Vivian Amberville is a must-read and you shouldn't skip it! But this is just my way of letting the author know my preference.