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Community review by andrewgoodreads

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just ordered. loving this epic story so far

4 July 26, 2021

I just ordered myself a paperback copy of Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds. Started reading it in my lunch break at work, and holy hell, I'm loving the story so far. It distantly reminds me of two old games I played called "The Longest Journey", and "Loom", only that the story takes the best of both and reshapes it into a fantastic new way.

I really REALLY love the idea of a magic system based on "imagination", where manifested thoughts are at the center of it all (Vivian's knife is "thought made flesh", her sidekick is a personification of a child's imagination in his ability to become anything). I also really love the psychedelic and jungian aspects of the story. It makes for a very layered read.

I'm only about 2/3 into reading TWoO, and judging by most reviews around here, the best is yet to come. I also disagree with the book being "slow-paced" in the first few chapters of the book, when literally a shit ton of stuff ins happening page by page. Hello? Are we even reading the same book now? beside, it's an epic, grand scale read. Harry Potter had the castle and Diagon Alley in the Wizarding world. Vivian Amberville has both Existence and Non-Existence. It's called world-building people! /endofrant

Anyway, read it for yourself. Vivian Amberville deserves to be up there with A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter, LOTR, and the rest of grand epics.