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Why so few reviews?

5 January 28, 2019

I don't understand. This book is everywhere. My friends all know about it (I live in the Netherlands) and it's being circulated all around. Why so few reviews? Why are so many people reading it, enjoying it and not bothering to say something about it?

Anyway, moving on. The Weaver of Odds is the phenomenal debut of dutch author Louise Blackwick. Many of us think the Vivian Amberville series is going to grow into a phenomenon, much like the Harry Potter franchise. Since it's only one book out, with the sequel The Book of Chaos expected to come to libraries and bookstores in 2019, there is plenty of space left for readers from other countries to experience it too.

Here's the short version of what you can expect from this book: it's got people who weave into the fabric of reality; it's got a protagonist who can change the course of events, an incredible world where everything is possible including rewriting the course of history and an epic journey beyond the fabric of reality. The power of the imagination is a huge factor in the first book, because it teaches people to be responsible for the ideas they put out there.

A must read for all ages!

And for the love of god people, review it!