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Community review by Louvain Avery

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This sums up what a new reader should expect of this book series

5 September 11, 2018

When people ask me to describe the Vivian Amberville book series, I tell them this: it is the Monty Python-esque British humour of Terry Pratchett, the symbolism of Nietzsche and Jung, the world-building dimensionality of Tolkien, the gray characters of George R.R. Martin, the 90's nostalgia of Harry Potter, the trippy craziness of C.S Lewis, the nightmarish spawns of H.P. Lovecraft wrapped in epic, visual splendour reminiscent of movies like Pan's Labyrinth, Tron Legacy, The Neverending story and the Matrix.

On top of this, you've got people who can manipulate reality and the destiny of every living thing with nothing but their thoughts, and guess what? They're not even the good guys.

I always thought "Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds" (by the brilliant Louise Blackwick) has that an instant classic vibe, and now I know why. They weren't kidding when they said Vivian Amberville was no simple book series, but an experience.