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Community review by Miranda

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one of the greatest fantasy epics in a decade

5 December 16, 2019

"Ærinna everly worked passionately at balancing cosmic reality. Her agile fingers stirred to and fro with much ease and visible talent amid billions of wires. They were Threads of intelligent design she wove into the very fabric of reality."

So begins Louise Blackwick's debut novel "The Weaver of Odds", first in the Vivian Amberville series - and the novel that catapulted Blackwick's career as a well-established international author.

Vivian Amberville has since become something of a cult book, popular among fantasy enthusiasts but still far from the mainstream. The "Book Reader" magazine called it "one of the greatest fantasy epics in a decade", and boy, does it live up to it.

One of my favorite things about reading a book is reaching that point where you just can’t put it down. Or when it stays in your head long after you have finished the read. No wonder it created such a cult. It’s always magical to feel immersed in another world, particularly a world where thoughts can become things and history can be rewritten like an open diary. I haven't felt this entranced since I first read Harry Potter.

The Weaver of odds is truly one of the greatest fantasy epics in a decade.