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Community review by Lucy van der Wald

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Vivian Amberville is what Harry Potter was to the 1990: a trendsetter.

5 April 03, 2019

Vivian Amberville is what Harry Potter was to the 1990: a trendsetter. It's something completely unique altogether, being an epic philosophical fantasy with science fiction traces. You get this little girl whose imagination can reshape reality and everything that happens to her just sucks you right in.

Picked Vivian Amberville, the weaver of odds at the library in my town. It had the trippiest cover and I admit its blurb intrigued me, but nothing prepared me for the awesomeness I experienced while reading it. I actually had to return 4 times to the library to finish reading the book cos I'm a broke ass teen, don't ave no library card to borrow it either, but I really recommend anyone else who's a bit better off than me to invest in this book series. Totally worth the cash, it entertains, makes you laugh, and it makes you think. This author's work is a-mazing! You can actually read some of her stories for free on her website or read the calendar stories which are also free and set in the Vivian Amberville universe.

I recommend this book to anyone who has an open mind and wants to lose themselves in a dark and twisted world where reality is everything you imagine it to be.

Read it and spread the word. Vivian Amberville is a new fantasy series worthy of its fame!