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Community review by Sabin

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first book in a promising series.

3 April 03, 2019

If you can stomach the first few dozen pages, where word choice could have been improved, for the sake of continuity and immersion, there’s a really cute story behind it all. Think of wizards and magic, but with time and destiny instead. And a little girl with the power to tear everything down or build it anew, with greater splendor than ever before.

The main character is the most believable and the despair and anxiety she feels seem to me like something the author actually experienced first-hand. There’s a bit of development here, where courage and resolve come to her as the plot develops. The supporting cast have histories and lives of their own, but their feelings and actions are not so visceral and conflicting.

This is the first book in a promising series. The needed creativity is there, with a lot of interesting world-building and quirky characters, and a flawed main character who still needs to discover and come to terms with the extent of her powers