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Community review by Stefano Morri

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An orwellian experience of the darkness within

4 April 22, 2017

I purchased the story from the official website. I knew the story had been hyped by all sorts of meta-critics so I went into it with certain reservations.

It doesn't happen often with new authors, but I was pleased to noticed the story was deeper and better structured than even the critics have presaged.

To be noted "Weaver of Odds" peels away its crust much like an onion, revealing more and more the darkness within the reader's imagination... within the author's mind. In that way, it becomes a metaphor of the human condition: suffering, pain, loneliness, acceptance and death become motifs of the book. In that way, it's like a G. Orwell story.

I am a critic and this is the highest score I've given a fantasy book in my entire career.