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Community review by Jyrki Hämeenniemi

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The Book of Chaos is coming soon!

5 March 17, 2020

What better year to have The Book of Chaos (#2 in the bestselling Vivian Amberville series written by Louise Blackwick) hit international bookstores than 2020, the most chaotic year in a long while.

The first book (The Weaver of Odds) introduced us to a fantastic universe where:

1. a killer virus called "Black Flu" (Filth) has brought humanity to its knees
2. the middle class has disappeared because of the economic fallout
3. food production has been affected to such large extent, food has become a rare luxury. The only food available is a disgusting mineral/vitamin paste that they feed to everyone.
4. an over-militarized government has stepped in to pick up the pieces. They control their people with thoughts-surveillance tech, advertisements and propaganda.
5. if this wasn't enough, entire shoreline regions have disappeared because of massive floods. United Kingdom (renamed into "Great England") is nothing but a ghetto-infested swamp and wet muds teeming with terminally-ill Filth-infested people.