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Community review by John

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rare, phenomenal gem

4 April 04, 2019

I sort of stumbled into this novel by googling around "YA dystopian coming of age fantasy books" and this rare gem fell into my hands. I asked around at my university, and I couldn't believe how many people heard of Vivian Amberville. I was surprised it has so few reviews on goodreads compared to how many people read it and said it was amazing. My own take is that: This book is not only amazing. It's a masterpiece!

-small spoiler ahead:
It's the story of a mysterious, orphaned teenager who learns she can manipulate the outcome of events. She has hallucinations about some hidden world beyond the fabric of space and by some amazing storytelling she ends up in that secret, hidden world a thought away from our own. But that world is dangerous, populated by dangerous beings who have learned how to manipulate reality called Weavers. Vivian's power to reshape odds is a threat to the Weavers, so they sentence her to the Weaver Trials in hope she will die. What comes to happen is the best, most complex story I ever read in my life.

The characters, the settings, everything is masterfully designed. The story was outlined by a genius. So much detail, all of which is relevant in the end. It all took my breath away and I'm going to tell more people about it!

This book deserves a bigger audience and MORE reviews!