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the book that started it all

5 January 15, 2021

I'm going to keep this brief since there isn't much to say that hasn't already been said. *clears throat*

I think the reason I waited so long to read this book and begin this series is because I just couldn't imagine myself enjoying reading about a thirteen-year-old girl and her adventures beyond the fabric of reality. I thought it would be too juvenile for my taste. I was so wrong.

I can honestly say that I loved every minute of this. It's a spectacular little romp with funny, courageous, and endearing characters that you can't help but love.

It has a living, talking Hole-in-the-Wall creature, singing Weavers who manipulate the fabric of reality, a knife made out of crystallized thought, a Dungeons & Dragons type die that can roll any number (actually, that's Vivian Amberville's main power), a master Healer who can perform Blood Weaving, whispering roses, ogroid creatures running a mine, Pelsinn mounts, the Alarian race, the Vanara race. . . and probably much more that I'm forgetting.

And then there's the lead characters: Patricia Kate, the young orphan who teaches Vivian the meaning of hope; Lucian Blossom, the conflicted young journalist who falls in love with a library; and then there's Vivian Amberville, of course, the girl who can think things true and who can alter the odds of any event. Vivian is kind to those that deserve it, but suffers from fear (anxiety disorder) although she can be fearless when her friends are at risk. She is hard working and passionate about healing people, while under the tutelage of Lady Saah. She is, however, suffering from a broken past and deeply struggles to balance her two identities: human and Alarian. What's not to love?

A soulful story that is surprisingly dark and layered for the fantasy genre. It reminds me vaguely of Terry Pratchett's "Tiffany Aching" series, but taken 10 notes of epic higher.
Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds is indeed something you need to experience with your own eyes.