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Community review by jannis

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Vivian Amberville is the most Jungian grand epic I've read

5 July 16, 2019

I picked up this book from my local library because the cover attracted me. I literally had no idea this story was so popular and what incredible journey I was about to embark myself on.

Vivian Amberville is the most Jungian grand epic I've read in a long time. It's trippy and spectacular and involves people who can weave into the fabric of reality, people who can rewrite history, people who can reshape reality in their image, or cut reality into little slices. But what actually attracted me more about this story is that it continues to linger in your imagination long after you've finished the book, and that, I believe, is because it plays heavily on Jungian Psychology, symbolism and archetypes, especially the Jungian Shadow.

Never have I followed a protagonist who is more torn between a desire to do good and an ability to do evil than Vivian Amberville. Her Jungian Shadow, which resides in Chaos itself, is both the source of her powers (she is a weaver of odds) and her greatest vulnerability. I simply love this story, and I can't wait to read the sequel, Vivian Amberville, the book of chaos.