Hide nor Hair

Over the many curious objects of Alarian origin lying about the Amberville Manor, nothing frightened Ayesha more than Vivian’s knife-shard. Cast in the indestructible metal Æbe’trax, known beyond the fabric of reality as thought made fresh, Vivian Amberville’s weapon of choice had brought Ayesha on many close encounters with Reaper Grim. For once, the knife-shard had the unbelievable property of making one’s thoughts a living reality.

It was rumoured around the Manor that Ayesha – during a particular vigorous bout of spring-cleaning – had happened upon the unfortunate object. Like many others before her, she fell prey to its orange charm and settled for the all-too-understandable desire of “getting more people to notice her”. Little did Ayesha know that the wish-fulfilling knife had the annoying habit of giving people exactly what they wanted. It was for that reason that in the course of a single afternoon she came to sport a haircut of such biblical proportions, it made Ayesha’s neck sore.

Before long, an endless line of hairdressers tried their luck at reducing the apocalyptic hairdo, yet seeing that Ayesha’s hair seemed to regrow in the night, no amount of trimming would cut it. Eventually, not only did Ayesha’s hair enter the Guinness World Record but forced the government to grant her “monumental coiffure” its own citizenship.

- Louise Blackwick

Advent 2018