Karura’s gamble

Legend has it, Brother Karura – the greatest Weaver of all – got a bit tired of his creation, and decided to destroy reality on a coin flip.

‘Heads: reality falls. Tails: I walk,’ Karura licked his lips.

He thus placed his hand inside his robes and eagerly extracted 1 ruv – the smallest subdivision of the Alarian crest – and with a look of triumph, he tossed. The wooden coin flipped a few times in the air, and for the tiniest moment, Karura’s eyes shone a spangled red, his back arched in vivid expectation: would the olden fates answer YES to his malicious request? Would the universe confirm that reality had run afoul?

But the universe seemed undecided, for the wooden coin fell with a dull thud, and small as it were, lodged itself in a nook. The coin had fallen on its edge, and Karura, the most powerful Weaver who ever lived, looked down on this strange, final answer, and in an angry swish of robes, turned side-face and plunged his hands deep into the loom of all things.

The Pattern of Threads trembled and shook, causing millions of reality-altering Threads to curl and begrime. Across the multiverse broke disease and famine, and the fabric of reality began to hiccup and cough. Karura smiled. The cosmic loom plunged in a state of demi-ruin – halfway shattered, halfway whole – precisely as the coin intended.

As for Karura – First among Weavers – no one knows what would have happened if the coin had bidden him to a full effort.

- Louise Blackwick

Advent 2017