The best of yourself across timelines

The best of yourself

"‘It’s tradition. Trial of Paths not about completing an airborne obstacle course. It’s about Convergence – unifying all paths by defeating your most powerful Alters. It’s about becoming the best of you, in this reality and the next. Only then will a true Weaver emerge.’"

Convergence is an Alarian term that predicates on an individual becoming the best version of oneself across all parallel realities in which that individual exists.

Convergence is predominantly employed during the Trial of Paths (first in the Weaver Trials) as a manner of unifying one’s cosmic pathways and choices from across the infinite fabric of the multiverse. It is achieved by defeating your most powerful Alters (four most powerful dimensional yous) under a heightened point of convergence.

While the utility of becoming “the best version of you”, in this reality and the next has never been scientifically documented in the Alarian civilization, the Guild of Weavers insist that defeating the most powerful versions of yourself from across timelines is imperative in one’s right to study Weavership.

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