The Alarian School of Thought, the Weaving School

The Alarian School of Thought

"Suspended in mid-air like an oddly-shaped airship, the Weaving School acted as a reminder of the impossible made possible, of thoughts becoming things."

Considered to be one of the Four Wonders of Ærria, the Alarian School of Thought - The Weaving School - is one of the greatest mysteries of Ærria.

Access upon the premises is strictly forbidden to all but Weavers, Lectors and students of Weavership. All that is known over the mysterious School of Thought is that it was founded by Karura and that it trains Weavers, whose abilities include influence over the substance of reality.

The legend behind the floating citadel is that Karura, first Weaver of his name, had built the school himself by levitating a reversed mountain top and used Kaalà to put it in the skies as he considered the ground too mundane for Weaving.

Upon Karura’s passing, everyone expected the Alarian School of Thought to fall down from its heavenly place. Instead, long after his death, the reversed mountain top keeping it afloat continues to remain airborne, making it one of the greatest mysteries in Alarian history.

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