Vivian is the main protagonist of the Vivian Amberville fantasy book franchise

Vivian Amberville

Vivian is a 13-year-old girl from England, and the main protagonist of the bestselling Vivian Amberville fantasy book franchise. Given her powers to reshape reality by means of her imagination, Vivian is known both as “the girl who can think things true” and “a Weaver of odds”.


As a child, Vivian is caught roaming the ghettos of (Milton) Keynes outside curfew hours, while suffering from a severe form of amnesia. Vivian remembers absolutely nothing about her past and cannot even remember her own name.

When she cannot produce proof of her identity (earmark or identity chip), Vivian is placed in the custody of the Madhad state of Great England and confined to a kids penitentiary/orphanage called the Ala Spuria Shelter for Strays.

In the absence of an identity chip, she assumes a fictional identity and names herself “Vivian” – a name inspired by a derelict thread-manufacturing factory located just across the street from the orphanage.

In Ala Spuria, Vivian suffers dearly at the hand of Martha Burlington, and her disciplinary stick Old Lumbersides. Beaten and starved, Vivian succumbs to depression, anxiety and despair, until she discovers a hole in the wall of her prison cell, hidden behind an old poster.

Vivian finds solace in having conversations with Patricia Kate - the mysterious orphan in the cell right next to her own, who teaches Vivian how to harness the power of her imagination to alter the fabric of reality.

Inspired by Kate’s words, Vivian begins changing the outcome of events by imagining them true, which unlocks her hidden Weaving abilities and results in Vivian getting adopted by the richest family in Buckinghamshire, the Amberville family. Vivian hereforth becomes known throughout the series as “Vivian Amberville”.

Vivian's ability to Weave (to remotely influence the substance of reality) takes a dark turn as she becomes stranded beyond the fabric of reality, on the dark and dangerous Alarian planet known as Ærria.

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