Prince Runar Silfrista with his turquoise army

Runar Silfrista

But for the unnatural paleness of his face, and the strange coldness of his gaze, Runar would have made for an exceptionally handsome man. His mess of raven-dark hair complemented his otherwise gaunt and lifeless complexion centred around a tilted pair of cold-light eyes. His speech was rough, his choice of words unchiselled, and yet he carried himself with the confidence of a great man, neither boastful nor modest, but proud and fearless, and strangely composed.

Runar Silfrista is an important antagonist in the bestselling book franchise, Vivian Amberville. He positions himself as a villain the moment he uses Ashlar's attack on the Weaver Trials to kidnap Daimey vin Gar, the Queen Regent of the Queendom of Garlaan.

He is the crowned prince of Hoarfrosta, and one of the most powerful men in Ærria. Despite his intelligent and charming nature, Runar is a known in close circles as a ruthless sociopath who would stop at nothing to expand his dominion over the world. He is the current ruler of Hoarfrosta, an insular land of fjords where nights are eternal and winters are present all year round.

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