Tuuk'ta'ne in the underground mines of Ne'erine 1


"Their lower legs seemed to end in hooves, which gave them a rather beastly appearance. Small horns of yellowed bone crept out from beneath the milk-white surface of their crumpled skin and their pig-ears jiggled with every hit of lilac pickaxe. Their disproportionally large arms ended in a four-finger hand and their stubby legs were twisted and hooved, like those of a goat."

Tuuk'ta'ne (Tuk-tah-né) are ogroid creatures which live in subterranean environments, such as caves, caverns and grottos.

They are strong, bipedal and almost completely albino, due to their intense dislike of natural light. Although they communicate mainly through grunts and groans, Tuuk'ta'ne have been successfully domesticated for mining, fishing and agricultural exploits, and have even been known to carry crude weapons of their own making.

Tuuk'ta'ne are widely large and uncoordinated, but they are known for their keen sense of smelling rare ores and their ability to track anything down by mere scent. Posessed by a hightened sense of ownership, they feel possessive of the ores they mine. A Tuuk'tan will respond with brutal violence if someone other than their masters tries to steal their "treasures", and will furthermore pursue the thief until that which was taken is returned, and the thief punished.

Tuuk'ta'ne are particularly known for their mining of Æbe'trax ore, the most dangerous metal in cosmic reality.

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