Shääj’sha is she who has crossed the Shroud


"My hope is that the presence of a Shääj’sha – of one who has crossed the Shroud – will give us a hint. Point us in the right direction...’"

In the common tongue of Ærria, Shääj’sha translates as “she who has crossed the Shroud” between realities.

More often than not, the Shroud is used for refer to the layer of non-space keeping Existence and Non-Existence apart, separated in different planes of existence.

The term Shääj’sha carry its inherent negative connotation. In accordance to Alarian law, any entity capable of crossing the Shroud between Existence and Non-Existence (and lives to tell the tale) is automatically suspected of cosmic terrorism. The only Alarians ever to cross the Shrould and survive are Vivian Amberville and Karura, the first of the Weavers.

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