The official language spoken by Alarians on their interdimensional world Ærria

The Alarian Language, Æurlek

'Ju talma Æurlek? Ju unbrikkar dol ligsve?'

Æurlek (pronounced: Ee-ur-lék) is the official language spoken by Alarians on their interdimensional world, Ærria. Æurlek is a modern version of Æurlek’ääj - the ancient Æurlek, oldest language in cosmic reality.

Æurlek's written form consists of highly-calligraphic runes that move between dimensions and refuse to settle upon a definite form, ergo, cannot be observed by the naked eye. The only way to learn Æurlek is through rigurous practice with an Orange Lens, or by being woven upon by a Taal'kai (the Thread of All Tongues), a type of Thread woven into one's spinal cord that grants instant access to all the languages and dialects of the cosmos, including Æurlek)

Æurlek's spoken version sounds ’whispered’ and ’breathy’ at times and ’thunderous’ and ’volcanic’ other times. The overly-common Alarian sound ’Æ’, which to our ears sounds like a prolonged ’ee’, is in truth impossible to reproduce by a human vocal chord, whereas Alarian larynges are anatomically shaped to produce the sound without effort.

The Artwork