A Dream of Future

Kunai turned his gaze to the lonely desert rock upon which, not a few moments ago, he had contemplated his death. Hardly had his hand moved when the rock shot into the air like a mad catfish, only to settle upon an empty stretch of raw space. The massive boulder was now balancing on the edge of Kunai’s threadbare imagination.

‘Ye godss!’

Kunai brought the crystal closer to his face and instinctually felt a slight change in the natural order of things. For the first time in his life, he felt marginally more intelligent than the rock he was levitating. The floating rock turned in the air a few times – first clockwise, then anticlockwise – all in perfect accordance to Kunai’s inner will. It was a magical crystal alright; a crystal capable of uprooting cacti and hoisting boulders and lifting heavy loads like it was nothing—

‘Sey are gonna kill my masster for not finissing se mastaba in time,’ said Kunai mournfully. ‘Sey are to kill him at first light!’

The world around Kunai was changing, and it had everything to do with the mysterious crystal in the palm of his hand. He felt his simple mind drowning in the deep waters of wisdom; intelligence growing in direct proportion to the dissolution of his spirit. He felt himself shrinking and shrinking until he was no larger than a sentient speck of dust, living on a celestial rock hurling through space. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling; in fact he was forcefully resisting the urge of calling for the death of all Egyptian gods. His intellectual rebellion was about to peak.

Kunai pushed his fists into his eyes, disturbed by the unstoppable wave of dark thoughts now flooding his ever-expanding mind. What was the matter with him? He had always been such a happy and cheerful little—

Biological entity of no importance, fleetingly self-aware in the cold infinity of the cosmos.

No, he was a person. A man with a big dream and a powerful crystal that could unwire the very fabric of reality—

...stock character of no real consequence, trapped in a narrative penned down by hegemonic hands...

Man who held the power to imagine things true—

...puny creature moulded by Chaos, through Chaos into Chaos...

He gave a long, piercing cry. Kunai had unknowingly found the edge of the universe, and it was the strangest darn find since the discovery of “Papyrus Girl – an Illustrated edition” hidden under his brother’s bed. Torn between a desire to become Nothing and an ambition to hold onto Everything, Kunai found himself staring at the back of his own head through a mirror in time.

Beyond his field of vision, Kunai could barely make out a skinny lad standing next to the largest mastaba ever to be built by man.

Kunai un-Nefer emerged from his vision into the mundane world, his mind still reeling under the burden of infinite possibility. His greedy hand tightened around the crystal. He had just seen the future.

To be continued...

- Louise Blackwick

Advent 2019