The Man who Fell from the Sun

...and then the world exploded.

Kunai un-Nefer was not one to question reality. Usually, reality was the one to question Kunai. He was, however, particularly sure he had seen a man fall from the sun just now, but he rubbed his eyes again just to be sure. Whatever this mirage was, it persisted. Vultures were not known to drop bodies from the sky. Where had this stranger come from?

Still gripping the knife, Kunai checked the man’s jugular.

‘Sis lucky bastard’s already in se afterlife. Muss’ve been one ugly bloke if he needed to hide behind a massk,’ he concluded and proceeded to going through the stranger’s pockets. ‘Ye godss, what kind of man sstraps gold to seir mugs?’

This was no Egyptian slave, he thought. This man had known the wealth of a Pharaoh.

‘Ssolit gold—’ he whistled between his teeth. ‘Wasted on se poor bloke too, may his ssoul travel lightly. Halla, sis much gold can buy me ten sslaves—’ he greedily licked his lips, ‘—or a whaaman,’ his fingers continued to fumble with the hinges on the mask ‘—or better even, one of sem really fat camels!’

The mask gave a metallic click and slid off the man’s face.

To be continued...

- Louise Blackwick

Advent 2019