A Way to Sharpen pure Thought

Kunai shut his eyes tight. As he did, black tears rushed across his brown features.

‘There is a spot, deep inside, where the future is cold and the fates stay unwritten. Take the road to the place where the Darkness is thickest. Find the girl fated to bring the bitter end of all things. She who imagines the Unweaving of Being.’

Vivian Amberville, Ashlar thought to himself. How in Kavi’s name does he know?

‘Only chaos can fight chaos,’ said the lad through an impish grin. ‘And she is Chaos incarnate.’

Kunai un-Nefer lifted the shard of Æbe’trax. It was no longer glowing orange, but radiating a deep black, as if shadow itself dripped off its edges. In all his centuries of existence, Ashlar had never seen Æbe’trax behave so strangely. As black as obsidian, not only did it spew shadows, but seemed to inhibit the warm light of dawn.

‘You have searched for ways to polish it, have you not? A way to sharpen pure thought,’ Kunai turned the dark shard of Æbe’trax between his bloodied fingers. ‘But nothing comes from nothing, does it Ashlar? The Realm of Ideas is an impenetrable void; unperturbed by motive; undisturbed by raw forces. When it comes to people’s thinking, nothing is certain.’

‘When nothing is certain, everything is likely,’ Ashlar retorted, giving the blackened shard a probing look. ‘It’s a trick, nothing more. Good fakery stowed behind the likeness of truth. The material in your hand is crystalized thought. It is raw and it is unyielding. Forgive my disbelief, but I doubt even the great Karura himself could alter an idea that exists purely.’

Kunai caressed the gloomy shard of Æbe’trax, his mouth a large, cackling pit.

‘No tricks, little god… and a little bit more than good fakery.’

To be continued...

- Louise Blackwick

Advent 2019