The Mother of Reality

Legend has it, when the Mother of Reality saw what became of her Cosmic Creation, the bereavement of its sin drove her to mourn its destruction. And so the Mother wept in grief, for the Soul of the World had fallen cold and beings no longer cared for its grace. She wept for an age, and one of her tears fell into Ærria, where it was taken into custody by the Alarian Guild of Weavers.

The Tear of the Goddess hence became a mysterious artefact – mind-defying and unbound by the laws of the cosmos. Its infinite properties – among which the summoning of parallel realities, the materialization and dematerialization of Shaa’janta (ghostmatter) and the opening of doorways into the hidden dimension of Subexistence – was copiously employed during the Weaver Trials in the pre-selection of Weavership students.

- Louise Blackwick

Advent 2018