The Missing Thread

The story of the missing Thread is a dark stain on the fabric of Alarian history. It concerns one named Sunya vin Gar, the daughter of Queen Alaria of Garlaan and her consort, his liege Vishnu – nowadays referred to by her (self-given) human name, Vivian Amberville.

Vivian’s story is one of terrible sadness. The moment she was born into Palas Lumina, her Thread – i.e. her fate, her destiny and that which delineates the journey of her soul – entered the Pattern of Souls under a dark label. Born to a dangerous power that allowed her to Weave into the Immaterial, Vivian was quickly branded as “dangerous to the cosmic loom” by the unfaultable Guild of Weavers.

At the request of the Elder Seer, Vivian is stripped from her birth right to the Seat of the Queendom, and locked in the Tower of Lords, where she remains imprisoned until the young age of 6. Inside the tower, her powers grow to such an extent they threaten to destabilize the very fabric of reality. This forces her royal parents to promise the throne to her older sister and reconsider Vivian’s fate.

Upon the Guild’s decision to Unwire her from the Pattern of Threads, Vivian uses her powers to breach the Shroud between realities and escape into Existence, where having forgotten herself, she adopts a human identity. After failing to show proof of her identity, Madhad authorities imprison Vivian in an orphanage (The Ala Spuria Shelter for Strays) where she suffers great abuse at the hand of her supervisor, Miss Martha Burlington.

It is within the walls of Ala Spuria that Vivian awakens her unique (if dangerous) power of altering odds and circumstances, which later earns her the title of “Weaver of Odds”.

- Louise Blackwick

Advent 2018