Shadowhide Contraband

Among the greatest treasures of Non-Existence, few are more coveted than Shadowhide. Picture a dark leathery fabric, whose Kaalà-soaked fibres are capable of bending the laws of reality, whether that includes: noninvasively opening bodies of flesh (medicine), spelunking through impenetrable mountains of granite (mining) and even creating chameleonic clothing that flawlessly blend into the environment.

Shadowhide is always warm to the touch, much like the sentient, telepathic and reality-altering creature to which it belongs: the Hole-in-the-Wall. It is known as the only material capable of camouflaging the ever-traceable scent of Æbe’trax, a precious metallic ore found in the subterranean caves of the Alarian world, Ærria. While these sentient beasts have traditionally been employed by Artisans in their Healing Haijks, the vast utility of Shadowhide has led Alariankind into hunting Holes-in-the-Wall close to extinction.

Shadowhide poaching was only made illegal during the reign of Queen Septima vin Gar, who proclaimed Holes-in-the-Wall endangered and called upon the cessation of Shadowhide contraband. Too late, however. Holes-in-the-Wall continued to be endangered during the Great Northern Wars and were officially declared extinct during the Age of Karura. The very last specimen is currently in the care of disgraced Alarian princess Sunya vin Gar, who goes by the alias Vivian Amberville.

- Louise Blackwick

Advent 2018