A Weaver’s Justice

Every Alarian man, woman and child knew the Guild of Weavers were directly responsible for the way things worked in the cosmos. The details of it were a bit sketchy, but any organization known for setting their claws into the substance of reality was bound to come across as controversial.

On one hand, the Weavers actively imprisoned the destiny and free will of every living being in the multiverse; on the other hand, they watched over the universal cosmic balance with an inexhaustible desire to preserve life and give creation its due. Their Weaving of influential Threads into the fabric of reality had earned them godlike status all throughout Ærria, placing them more often than not, beyond the reach of armies, mercenaries and even monarchs. According to Alarian laws, a Weaver’s worst punishment is their permanent removal from the Guild, a feat which places them back into the hands of the world and at the mercy of kings.

- Louise Blackwick

Advent 2018