What is a Weaver of odds?

“Weaver of odds” is a semi-satirical nickname given to any person who uses Weaving to change the course of an event or alter one’s (usually predetermined) fate. A Weaver of odds is believed to be gifted in bending odds, chances, circumstances and likelihoods using only the force of their imagination (Kaalà). They are traditionally described as capable of making the most unlikely eventuality, not only likely but highly probable too.

As naturally-born Weavers of the immaterial, Weavers of odds are considered to be a dangerous liability. The Guild of Weavers in particular regards Weavers of odds as “chaotic” and “hazardous” given their capacity to interfere with the Guild’s cosmic judgement. For example, should the Guild decide to Unwire a particular Thread from the loom of reality, a Weaver of odds could technically “bend those circumstances” and save that person from being executed.

Since a Weaver of odds is very difficult to track down, the Guild is authorized to employ mass-Unwirings on suspicion alone. Weavers of odds are usually weeded out from the Pattern of Threads while still in their infancy (thus before getting a chance to grow their powers), a heavily frowned-upon practice that in the eyes of the public is no less than infanticide. The greatest danger behind a Weaver of odds is their accidental predilection to leave behind discarded choices and to create multiple realities within one’s own – two affinities believed to destabilize the very fabric of cosmic reality.

- Louise Blackwick

Advent 2018