Travelling Merchants

Itinerant trade, brought forth by foreign vendors and travelling merchants, is a new and slowly-expanding branch of Alarian commerce. It is most predominantly encountered in wayfaring settlements and harbours, such as the tri-urban area of Solidago, Palmatto and Emergente.

Although such actions are punishable by law, contraband of unlicensed goods (metal-woven bracelets, insect-shaped earrings, runic necklaces and gemstone-encrusted boxes) is a common practice around the northern parts of Kranija.

Travelling merchants sometimes deal in rare commodities and merchandise that are considered to be controversial and unsafe – if not downright-forbidden – in the country they are being sold or distributed. Such examples include Thread-altering trinkets, psychoactive substances, illegal weapons and unregistered Weavework procedures.

- Louise Blackwick

Advent 2018