The Sole Day City

The urb of Solidago is a bustling merchant settlement found in the northern part of Ærria’s most volcanic continent, Kranija. A literally translation of the word “Solidago” is “the Sole-Day City”, so-named on account of the city’s geographic location in the Everdark side of Ærria. In other words, Solidago enjoys a single day of sunlight within the entire space of a year.

Once every “leap”, Ikko – the larger of the two suns orbiting Ærria – peaks ever-so-slightly over the edge of the horizon, blessing the urb of Solidago with tangerine light for nearly a full “resting”. The precious few hours of daylight are therefore held in high regards by the inhabitants of the city, most of whom spend the day drinking, dancing and celebrating Ikko’s brief blessing of orange sunlight.

- Louise Blackwick

Advent 2018