The Miramesh of Hoarfrosta

The Miramesh (sometimes referred to as Hoarfrostijans) are an ethnic group of people who inhabit the northernmost continent of Ærria. They can mostly be encountered on Hoarfrosta and are known to speak Miramesh, a complex Alarian dialect of the far north.

Nicknamed “the land of eternal winter”, Hoarfrosta is a mountainous, permafrost-coated continent where cold, blizzardy winters rage all year-round. On account of Ikko and Jaari rising and setting below the horizon, Hoarfrosta remains shrouded in absolute darkness, disturbed only by the distinctly violet-coloured artificial fires they use to illuminate their towns and villages. As a system of government, Hoarfrosta is an absolute patriarchal monarchy, traditionally ruled by the King of Fjords (the last of whom was King Erik the Wise).

The everlasting dark winters have moulded the Miramesh into mighty tough folk. They are known as the bringers of the Cold Flame (a purple-glowing fire whose flame keeps a steady room temperature) and the inventors of Shirvek steel (a violet-tinted steel alloy that never dulls). Both inventions are found in every Alarian household and are worldwide used across Ærria.

- Louise Blackwick

Advent 2018