The Unwirer’s Identity

The Unwirer (Shinn’shaan) is a singular and highly privileged socio-political position a Weaver occupies within the Guild of Weavers. Also referred to as “the Keeper of Souls,” the Unwirer acts exclusively on the Guild’s behest and is charged with removing undesired individuals (unwiring black Threads) from the fabric of cosmic reality.

The Unwirer is meant to serve as “appointed cosmic executioner”, upholding to remove specific souls that are interfering with the universal cosmic balance. Its jurisdiction extends not only to Non-Existence (Ælorria) but to Existence (Lorria) as well. This means that any human marked for death by the Guild of Weavers can be “executed remotely” by the persona of the Unwirer. The act itself is carried out through the use of a “silver spindle” which serves to remove any being’s Thread (their destiny, life and free will) from the loom of reality.

Considering the grim nature of the job, it is thus understandable why the Unwirer’s identity needs constant protection. Not much is known about an Unwirer’s identity, only that they are chosen in great secret from amid the ranks of Weavers. Once chosen, the Unwirer will distinguish itself from its orange-cloaked colleagues by wearing a black hooded robe made entirely of Shadowhide. The material is “Woven upon” in such a way that the Unwirer’s face is optically removed and made to appear as “a gaping hole of insipid darkness”. As an extra layer of protection, anyone who insists upon gazing under the Unwirer’s hood will instantly perish.

Little is known about the persona of the Unwirer, but many believe that whoever hides under that Shadowhide hood is endowed with powers beyond any Weaver. For starters, wherever an Unwirer places its feet, grass withers, ground sizzles, and the earth splits open. If for whatever reason, the Unwirer’s identity is compromised, the Guild of Weavers must bring forth a Binding – a complex ritual through which a new Unwirer is invested. The old Unwirer whose identity was compromised is thereupon immediately unwired by its replacement.

- Louise Blackwick

Advent 2018