The Pentahedron

The Pentahedron is the five-planed arena where the Weaver Trials are annually organized by the Guild of Weavers. It is positioned right underneath the Alarian School of Thought, the floating citadel where Alarians train their students in Weaving, Seeing, Alchemy, Artisanship and many other Kaalà-related talents.

The Pentahedron is located between the Tower of Lords – one of the two towers built into the structure of Palas Lumina, the royal Seat of Garlaan – and the forests of Arc Luteus, home to the Pattern of Threads. Leading away from the Tower of Lords is a cobblestone path that finishes in the rocky face of a mountain. The entrance is safeguarded by knights of Garlaan at all times, and access into the mountain can only be achieved with special Guild permission.

A special signal has to be given by one of the guards in order for the mountainside to split along an invisible seam, revealing a heavy metal door held together by gigantic pulleys. Access through the metal door leads one into a cavernous corridor dug all the way through the heart of the mountain. At the end of the corridor is a second metal door which leads into the heart of a five-planed roofless arena known among Alarians as the Pentahedron.

- Louise Blackwick

Advent 2018